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Daily Visitor

January 29, 2007


For the past few years we have had a bit of entertainment from watching the cat from next door stalk our birds. On only one occasion have I found the feathers of one she might have captured. On another occasion I did see her make a dash for a dove on the ground but as usual the doves are smart enough to maintain their distance.

Daisy Mae is a regular visitor especially this year. They also have another cat that is mostly black with white feet. She is an infrequent visitor. On one occasion we found in our back yard the remains of a cat. We did not know for sure what it was until the yard man found the head in an ajoining lot. There never has been an explanation of why that animal was torn apart and left for us to dispose.

If we rap on the window or attempt to open the sliding door the cats are gone for awhile but they will return to their posts later in the day.

We have gotten to looking for them and find a certain amount of entertainment in watching their activities.


New Entertainment

January 27, 2007

Most of you probably know all about this subject but it is fairly new to us. Some time back we got a circular from NetFlix. They provide a service of sending you via snail mail DVD movies of your choice for a nominal monthly fee. They had a trial period which I subscribed to and of course did nothing to cancel it so became a paying member.

The first DVD defied my attempts to make it work in our DVD player and as was not costing me anything during the trial I just sent it back. Since then every one has balked to some extent and I have followed their directions and washed it and tried it again.

It still required an effort to get it going. It seems there is some sort of preview or recap of the movie that comes on by itself as soon as you insert it and then repeats itself for awhile and then quits. The only way I can get it out is to turn off the player and start over. I have gradually learned that as soon as it starts you must press the PLAY on the remote to get it under way with the movie.

I really do enjoy being able to watch a movie that does not have more advertizing than entertainment. Being able to pause for potty breaks is another advantage. All told we like the idea and have upgraded to unlimited one at a time service instead of getting just two a month.

You pretty much have to have a computer and internet access to pick out what they will send and by the way there is no shipping fee either way.

So much for the jump forward in technology. I vividly remember the days when I used to struggle to lug five or six heavy 35 MM films up to the projection booth in the theatre where I worked as a teen ager. At least I had the advantage of seeing every movie that came to town. I started out cutting out the letters from plywood that were put up on the Marqee. I then got the job up putting them up and then advanced to operating the pop corn machine. From there I progressed to usher and spent a lot of time in the projection booth learning about the equipment. Of course it was illegal for me to be in the booth at that age. I did learn the equipment and on one occasion when the regular projector operator was gone I ran the equipment for one show.

Our Flowers

January 24, 2007

im000847.JPGOne of the nicer benefits of have a home as opposed to living in a condo is that I can plant and tend a rather large flower bed. We have had one since moving in during the month of October 1997. Weeds were always a problem and I solved that by using a plastic weed barrier sheet. It is a lot more work when you are doing it but is very effective in restricting weeds. This past year I elected to skip the weed barrier and boy you ought to see the crop we got this year. The photos below are of a year when the weed barrier was in use.

Home Owners Association

January 24, 2007

Neel WalkerShortly after moving into our new home in October of 1997 I noted a sign at one of the entrances to our sub-division indicating that a meeting of the Home Owners association was to be held at a nearby American Legion Hall. I made it a point to attend and as a result volunteered to canvas our street for membership in our volunteer organization.

At the next meeting it was announced that as a result of the recent campaign we had six new members. Four of them were from our street. In a matter of minutes I suddenly became the Membership Chairman. It is a job that I have enjoyed and although I tried having several other people assist me I had very little response in their activities. The following year I did it all by myself and have done so since then.

I am happy to report that the membership has increased by some 20% or more.

But to get back to me original plan. I wanted to recognize that two people, Neel and Lib Walker who started the organization and were very active in it until such time as Neel’s health deteriorated to the point that they both had to resign their positions.

I have continued to stop in and see them on my walks and find them very interesting and capable people that I really enjoy talking with.lib18.jpg

Saturday Lunch

January 21, 2007

As a rule Aileen asks me to vaccum the rugs on Saturday but missed today. I was busy filling out an application for the Veterans Affairs to get service in this area. I was hoping to have them furnish me some very expensive salve that a local dermitoligist wanted me to use.

She got back into her coloring again, this time doing a very beautiful eagle.

At any rate we fooled away most of the morning and went out to lunch at Callahans. Upon leaving we were approached by an elderly woman standing beside her bike. She asked if we had been married a long time. She noted than I had extended my arm for Aileen go grasp. We had quite a nice conversation with her. As we returned to our sub-division Aileen suggested we stop and visit Lib and Neel Walker who we got to know through our membership in the home owners association. They started the organization some years back and both were officers. Due to Neel’s health they are no longer as heavily involved but still attend meetings. For a couple in their eighties they are a very interesting pair and still as sharp as a tack.

Our First Days in Destin

January 17, 2007

On our first visit to the Gulf Coast and Destin in particular we came through Fort Walton Beach and headed east toward Destin. It was late in the afternoon and was fairly dark. What really left an impression was that we thought we could see snow among the reeds and other growth on the dunes seperating us from the Gulf. Of course it turned out to be the beautiful white sand that gives Destin its renown reputation as the Luckiest Fishing Village in the country. I remarked “Have we driven all this distance to see a snow storm.”

We spent a week in a condo that Aileen’s sister and husband owned. I was recovering from a very painful month or so of sciatic nerve damage. The following year we reserved three months in the same condo where her sister was staying.