Saturday Lunch

As a rule Aileen asks me to vaccum the rugs on Saturday but missed today. I was busy filling out an application for the Veterans Affairs to get service in this area. I was hoping to have them furnish me some very expensive salve that a local dermitoligist wanted me to use.

She got back into her coloring again, this time doing a very beautiful eagle.

At any rate we fooled away most of the morning and went out to lunch at Callahans. Upon leaving we were approached by an elderly woman standing beside her bike. She asked if we had been married a long time. She noted than I had extended my arm for Aileen go grasp. We had quite a nice conversation with her. As we returned to our sub-division Aileen suggested we stop and visit Lib and Neel Walker who we got to know through our membership in the home owners association. They started the organization some years back and both were officers. Due to Neel’s health they are no longer as heavily involved but still attend meetings. For a couple in their eighties they are a very interesting pair and still as sharp as a tack.


3 Responses to “Saturday Lunch”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Hi, Dad,

    It looks like you figured out at least part of it! I’m able to get here with no trouble, and it looks good. I’ll e-mail what I know about photos.

  2. Gladys Thorp Says:

    Uncle Ron, I read your blog. Great job, keep it up. It is good to hear what you two are doing.

  3. Wes Thorp Says:

    Ron–I really like your blog. is easy to use and has lots of widgets that you can add. It’s a great way to stay in touch with text and pictures. I was a beta tester for it when it first came online. My best to Aileen–WES

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