Home Owners Association

Neel WalkerShortly after moving into our new home in October of 1997 I noted a sign at one of the entrances to our sub-division indicating that a meeting of the Home Owners association was to be held at a nearby American Legion Hall. I made it a point to attend and as a result volunteered to canvas our street for membership in our volunteer organization.

At the next meeting it was announced that as a result of the recent campaign we had six new members. Four of them were from our street. In a matter of minutes I suddenly became the Membership Chairman. It is a job that I have enjoyed and although I tried having several other people assist me I had very little response in their activities. The following year I did it all by myself and have done so since then.

I am happy to report that the membership has increased by some 20% or more.

But to get back to me original plan. I wanted to recognize that two people, Neel and Lib Walker who started the organization and were very active in it until such time as Neel’s health deteriorated to the point that they both had to resign their positions.

I have continued to stop in and see them on my walks and find them very interesting and capable people that I really enjoy talking with.lib18.jpg


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