Our Flowers

im000847.JPGOne of the nicer benefits of have a home as opposed to living in a condo is that I can plant and tend a rather large flower bed. We have had one since moving in during the month of October 1997. Weeds were always a problem and I solved that by using a plastic weed barrier sheet. It is a lot more work when you are doing it but is very effective in restricting weeds. This past year I elected to skip the weed barrier and boy you ought to see the crop we got this year. The photos below are of a year when the weed barrier was in use.


2 Responses to “Our Flowers”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Nice Garden! I guess good writing runs in the family along with our artistic and creative abilities!

  2. Mrs. Thorp Says:

    I loved the picture of your flowers. It is such a contrast to what we are seeing as we look out our kitchen window: grays and browns and snow!
    Keep writing

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