New Entertainment

Most of you probably know all about this subject but it is fairly new to us. Some time back we got a circular from NetFlix. They provide a service of sending you via snail mail DVD movies of your choice for a nominal monthly fee. They had a trial period which I subscribed to and of course did nothing to cancel it so became a paying member.

The first DVD defied my attempts to make it work in our DVD player and as was not costing me anything during the trial I just sent it back. Since then every one has balked to some extent and I have followed their directions and washed it and tried it again.

It still required an effort to get it going. It seems there is some sort of preview or recap of the movie that comes on by itself as soon as you insert it and then repeats itself for awhile and then quits. The only way I can get it out is to turn off the player and start over. I have gradually learned that as soon as it starts you must press the PLAY on the remote to get it under way with the movie.

I really do enjoy being able to watch a movie that does not have more advertizing than entertainment. Being able to pause for potty breaks is another advantage. All told we like the idea and have upgraded to unlimited one at a time service instead of getting just two a month.

You pretty much have to have a computer and internet access to pick out what they will send and by the way there is no shipping fee either way.

So much for the jump forward in technology. I vividly remember the days when I used to struggle to lug five or six heavy 35 MM films up to the projection booth in the theatre where I worked as a teen ager. At least I had the advantage of seeing every movie that came to town. I started out cutting out the letters from plywood that were put up on the Marqee. I then got the job up putting them up and then advanced to operating the pop corn machine. From there I progressed to usher and spent a lot of time in the projection booth learning about the equipment. Of course it was illegal for me to be in the booth at that age. I did learn the equipment and on one occasion when the regular projector operator was gone I ran the equipment for one show.


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