Daily Visitor


For the past few years we have had a bit of entertainment from watching the cat from next door stalk our birds. On only one occasion have I found the feathers of one she might have captured. On another occasion I did see her make a dash for a dove on the ground but as usual the doves are smart enough to maintain their distance.

Daisy Mae is a regular visitor especially this year. They also have another cat that is mostly black with white feet. She is an infrequent visitor. On one occasion we found in our back yard the remains of a cat. We did not know for sure what it was until the yard man found the head in an ajoining lot. There never has been an explanation of why that animal was torn apart and left for us to dispose.

If we rap on the window or attempt to open the sliding door the cats are gone for awhile but they will return to their posts later in the day.

We have gotten to looking for them and find a certain amount of entertainment in watching their activities.


4 Responses to “Daily Visitor”

  1. Colleen Says:

    I enjoyed reading this one and especially enjoyed your memories about the old 35 mm movies and your experiences there!

    And, oddly, the picture of the flowers is now looking great (very large) on my screen, although for some reason the cat pictures are elongated. Hmmm. Another technological mystery to solve!

  2. Colleen Says:

    Now the cat photos are okay, too, though extremely large. I guess it’s just a matter of waiting until they actually load….

  3. ronrja Says:

    I suspect that I have the capabilities of reducing the file size and physical size of images. I know that I could do it on the old computer with a program that I never actually paid for but used as a trial quite a few times. But, alas, that program no longer works on 10.

    I will do a little research on that or perhaps you already know how to do it.

  4. Scotty Says:

    I have always said, ” I love cats… especially with barbeque sauce!!!”

    My other montra, “Death to cats!”

    Then I have to remind myself to be nice….

    I love birds, with their feathers attached and their inards inside and working!

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