Unusual Visitor

When I went to the window at around seven this morning I saw an animal eating the fallen bird seed in our back yard. After some research I have determined that is was an oppossum. He seemed quite contented and did not mind the flash of my camera. I later turned off the flash and took several more pictures. He was there for some 20-30 minutes and left while I was doing the crossword puzzle.

This was not the only strange creature that has stopped by. A couple of years ago when I went into the back yard from the front yard and came around the corner I spied a very large snake right up against the house outside of the sliding door. At that time I did not have the good sense to go back and get my camera. Instead I took a long handled rake and prodded him off from our patio. He disappeared into the folage and I never saw him again. The best guess was that it was a cotton mouth snake. It was well over four feet long and quite large in diameter.

On the lighter side I made the decision yesterday to install a clock controlled switch to turn off our big 50 gallon water heater for most of the 24 hours and have it on only during the hours we are likely to be using it. Hopefully this will reduce our rather large utility bill somewhat. I located what I thought I needed on the Home Depot web site which was priced at $40.00. This seemed like a lot better deal than the nearly one hundred dollars I was quoted at another location.

As it turned out that price was for a 120 volt model and I needed one to open both sides of the line at 220 volts. All told with the extra fittings and wire it came to $72.00. Installing it took me a little over an hour and I enjoyed the challange.im000958.jpg


3 Responses to “Unusual Visitor”

  1. Rudy Says:

    Another unusual visitor just dropping in šŸ™‚

    I read Colleen’s blog everyday. This morning, following the principle of ‘when in doubt, click’, I clicked on something in your comment about memories and wound up here.

    The march of technology has turned into a mushroom cloud. I like some bits, hate other bits. Most of it I just let pass me by. Emotionally I tend to yearn for the ‘good old days’. That, I think, has probably been true of people throughout time. On the other hand, there have probably been periods during which the old days were so bad that nobody wanted to remember them.

    I looked at the code you sent me about Sudoku, but couln’t figure out a good way to proceed. It lies here in the ‘unfinished’ pile, and that just keeps growing. I’m never gonna get it all done.

  2. Ronald Says:

    Don’t be concerned about the sudoku problem. I have pretty much given up on that project.

    The programming language it was written in no longer works on System 10 and I don’t think I will live long enough to figure out how to use the upgraded version. I took a look at a preview of it and it is so much different from the original that I decided against any further work on it.

  3. Colleen Says:

    Your story about the opossum made me remember this: when I first moved into the cabin in Clay County where Josh and I lived for a couple of years, we had an opossum as a sort of “pet.” At least, it came in our house every night and ate the cat’s food!

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