Little Things That Keep Me Busy

One of the more significant reasons that I wanted to get out of a condo on the gulf and into a real house was that I have a need to fix things or at least work at something that requires both mental and physical activity. That is hard to come by in a condo where someone else does most everything needed to survive. Of course that also involved some form of small gas operated engine going most of the time.

The day as usual started out with me taking my morning walk of roughly one and a quarter miles which is the perimiter of our sub-division. Today there was nothing unusual but a few days back I found a nice little device that was a poor copy of an ipod.

Ah, I said to myself. I have hinted at this a couple of times but so far it has not materialized and I still ponder the days activities as I wander about the place. It turns out that it did not work so I put out a bulletin to our home owners who have furnished me with email addresses. I got one reply that this lady has two grand children that have these players, one black and one pink. The one I found was pink. She was to check with the kids and get back to me but has not respondes as yet. Just a few minutes ago a neighbor called and said there was a sign in front of a house near where I found it that is asking anyone who found a pink player to call them. I will do that in the near future.

Next I filled the bird feeders in the back yard and checked the bird bath. It was pretty well covered with green mold that forms in about two weeks. I cleaned it out and put in fresh water. We went out to buy some cards and on returning I noticed a mark on the garage door. I got a wet rag and cleaned it off and as I was returning to the house I noticed some dirt on the front door. I wiped it off and behold the whole door was in bad need of cleaning. That kept me busy for about 45 minutes. Then I thought of the dirt that has been accumulating at the bottom of the window sills that is only visible when you open the window. That got me involved again and it required removing the screens to get at it. I noticed a lot of very small vines on the screens so decided to wash them. It turns out they don’t wash off. They are all grown right through the mesh of the screen and must be removed one at a time.

Now it is time for my nap.


One Response to “Little Things That Keep Me Busy”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Your attention to those details reminds me that, a few years ago, I did NOT attend to some vines that had grown through the screens and then made their way through the edges of the windows into my bedroom. Before I knew it, there was a nice arbor of ivy growing on my bedroom ceiling. I thought it was lovely; then I realized that it was probably damaging the windows, not to mention the bricks outside. I finally cut back the ivy on the outside, I still have some remains clinging to my bedroom ceiling!

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