A Bump in The Road

It has been over a week or two since I have devoted any time to this small part of my daily life.  For the last week it was because I was confined to the hospital in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

On Saturday, Feb 10 while on my daily walk which is the first activity of most every day I had some mild chest pains which were shortly followed by shortness of breath and a very tired feeling.  Fortunately, I was very near my first stop where there is a very nice bench in a small park.  I rested for awhile and the pain left but I still felt very tired.  These were symtoms I had experienced twice before in years past and I felt I could not ignore them.  I did decide to finish the first half of my walk at my home and after discussing the situation with Aileen we proceeded to a close medical emergency center.  After their exam they pronounced me due for a hospital visit and transported me there via ambulance.  We had in mind going to Sacred Heart hospital some ten miles east but the ambulance decided we were going west about the same distance to Fort Walton Medical Center.   Aileen was delayed in leaving and drove east only to find that I had gone west.  This started out about ten AM and by two PM Aileen had not arrived at Fort Walton.  I was a lot more concerned about her than I was about me.  Just before calling the sheriffs dept she walked in.

After various tests and catherizations they put in a new stent.  Due to some lack of communications by the staff I was not advised to not eat breakfast one morning which added another day to the stay.  All told I was treated very well and left one week after entry in fairly fit condition.

Now my problems are dealing with the Veterans Administration to get new medications.  They are very adament that I must physically appear at their clinic to get any change in medications.  I had previously regestered with the VA in Pensacola and had been advised that I could receive treatment in Panama City which is much closer.  Trying to find a phone number for them to make an appointment was quite challanging.  You can’t believe how may different numbers are available that will either not answer or if they do put you on hold for indefinite times.  I finally wised up and called the American Legion in Panama City and got a phone number for the VA.  As yet I have not been able to talk to anyone other than an answering machine but will try tomorrow morning.

So much for the miracles of modern medicine.


One Response to “A Bump in The Road”

  1. Colleen Says:

    I’m glad you’re home and blogging again! Hope you get through to the VA. I have had a lovely day today. Swimming, walking, and watching the birds. At one point I saw a flicker, a downy woodpecker and three bluebirds in the SAME tree.

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