A Wasted Morning

After spending a little over an hour trying to find a phone number for the VA Clinic in Panama City I did make an appointment for an “Orientation Session” at Panama City.

I actually found the phone number by calling the American Legion Post in Panama City.  The VA web site has no listing of phone numbers of branches.

Once I had the number I was put on hold for fifteen minutes on Monday afternoon and finally gave up to try it again on Tuesday morning. It only took ten minutes this time.

The orientation was scheduled for nine AM the next morning and Aileen and I drove over leaving at seven thirty in the morning. I had spent a fair amount of time on the computer Tuesday getting a map of the area of town where the clinic is located in the Navy Base. Getting to the base was not all that difficult and once inside we stopped at a visitor center to find out just where the clinic was located. After leaving Aileen at the door and then driving about a quarter of a mile to find a parking space I arrived at the clinic just five minutes ahead of time. Following an hour and a half of drivel we came away with absolutely nothing that we did not already know. I have a meeting with a doctor scheduled for March 1. Then I might be able to get the medications that have been prescribed. What a total farce they have made of a simple procedure. They will almost surely furnish me the medications that my own doctors have prescribed. Why not just give us a discount and forget all the hoop jumping that is now required. When the federal government gets involved things get out of control in a hurry.


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