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A possible improvement

March 2, 2007

This past Thursday we made another trip to Panama City to the VA clinic.  This was an appointment I had scheduled some time back when I was notified that I should be using a very expensive salve on the recovered spot where a cist was removed by my then civilian doctor.  The procedure looked to me a bit like the icing on a cake.  I found it hard to believe that after a wound had healed that the chances of a recurring cancer could be reduced by applying a salve for up to six months after the healing but that is what the dermitologist told me.

At any rate I was scheduled for the visit and in the meantime I had a stent installed and also developed a very pronouced rash that covers every portion of my body that has not been exposed to sunlight.  And at times it itches like holy hell.  Fortunately that does not happen very often and a cream that Aileen has seems to reduce the effect.

My doctor at the VA turns out to be a fairly young female.  She was very pleasant while being very thorough and belied the attitudes of my previous contacts with the medical services of the VA.  She spent at least an hour with me and Aileen and came up with several treatments  both for the heart problems and the rash.  She was so competent that it overshadowed why I had contacted the VA in the first place.  I completely forgot about the cist that had been removed and the need for that expensive salve.  I will do my best to bring this to her attention and hopefully she will get the product to me before the six month expires.  Another item that slipped by was the fact that I wanted to have my hearing tested and possibly get a hearing aid at least partially covered by the VA.  The fellow on the orientation fiasco did say that the VA would supply hearing aids when the need was confirmed.  I will have to go the Pensacola for that service which I am quite willing to do.