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Back at it again

June 27, 2009

This is the first time I have entered a new post in several years.  It seems that I got too involved in many other areas to think about advising the world of my personal activities.  Aileen is in the office with me and she is reading some old letters from our children.  She likes to look over both letters and pictures from the past.  I am always trying to find something new so I guess we have it all covered.  I have recently been in communication with a retired but still very active professional computer programmer.  We got to discussing the Sudoku puzzles and as a result he has written a program to solve those damm puzzles.  All I wanted to do was write a program to identify the one or more cells that would only accept one number.  I used to write some computer programs but the language I used no longer works on the new computer.  There is a new revision out of the language Future Basic but I cannot find a manual on it and it is too difficult for me to understand it from observing code that others have written.