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Yard Treatment

February 26, 2010

In one of the few mild days with both temperature and wind I decided it was a good time to spray some weeds in the yard. Right now they are the only thing that is green. The grass is still dormant. Will have to get the sprinkler timer repaired soon.



February 24, 2010

Earlier this week Ed and Rich Olson stopped in and presented Aileen a beautiful vase and candle as a Valintine present.

Insulin Data

February 24, 2010

I have been keeping a log of the sugar level readings and the dosage amount of insulin that Aileen has be taking for last few months. I take a printout of the data when we visit doctor in Niceville.


February 23, 2010

This is a photo of the shrubs at the front of our house after they have been trimmed.

Steak Dinner

February 22, 2010

I had been anticipating a good steak dinner tonite but after checking Aileen’s sugar level we decided a big meal was out for now so we ended up getting a salad and chicken nuggets at Wendy’s Maybe later in the week. Church this morning was basically a Rock Concert. I guess we are getting to old to appreciate the contemporary version on a church service.

Well here I am again after a gap of several years. Just looked at at Colleen’s blog and it got me interested in reactivating mine. Seems like I don’t have very much to do with my time so might as well record a few comments. Spent couple of hours trying to fix the treadmill that Scott installed a new mat on during the Christmas season. It was not working just right and I fooled around with it and now it does not work at all.

February 21, 2010