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Quiet Time

March 23, 2010

Here we are again all by ourselves. Jack and Diane left Sunday morning at the same time that we left for church. We started the week early Monday morning by getting blood tests that our doctor had scheduled some time back. Monday was a lazy day where we both caught up with naps. I have started changing some passwords on various web sites as suggested by the dealer who sold me the new computer. Boy, some of those sites make it a challenging job especially if you happen to make a mistake in choosing a new password. I had too many duplicates and am slowly getting rid of the them.



March 19, 2010

This has been an unusual week as many of our friends and relation have stopped in for various times. The last to arrive was Karl and Kathy Anderson along with two of their prize poodles and a new camper.
Last week Jack and Diane Prebay came for a week or so vacation. Prior to that Lorraine Anderson spent a month or more in our apartment. She and friend Anita are now traveling up east coast making many stops along the way visiting well known sites.

New Computer

March 12, 2010

Well, I finally did it. I bought a new 15 inch MacBook Pro. In process got a new external hard drive to accommodate Time Machine. Still have the old one that has been partitioned connected. Many hours, 3 at store and more at home trying to figure out all the new abilities of this gadget.

Yard Work

March 1, 2010

After church and lunch we came home and Aileen decided it was a nice day to do some trimming on the jungle in our back yard. We filled three bags with clippings