For as long as I can remember I have been looking for a mechanism that is present on almost every fan that is used for cooling the area. The part I wanted was the mechanism that caused the fan to rotate back and forth to cover a wider area.

As many of you know I have been building wind mills or fans over the years and now have at least seven of them in operation between our two homes.  At one time the one in Florida had a small axe this would be lifted up and then drop onto a twig.  In a month it would cut the twig into.  It used an 800 to 1 gear reduction unit that I was told came from a Norton Bomb Site.  Unfortunatly I designed the cam wrong and it put too much strain on the unit and it eventually gave out.  Now it is just a four bladed fan.

At any  rate now I have a mechanism that will also allow a fan to do hefty things.  At this point I don’t have access to enough equipment to build what I envision but perhaps I can induce Ralph to come up with something special.  So here is the device I salvaged from the otherwise useless fan that had critical parts broken then prevented any reasonable repair.


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