They are back

We put up the first bird feeder, the one with the little house,  when we first got here and filled it with bird seed left over from last year.  I suspect the birds did not care too much for seed that had been in our hot garage all summer so we refilled the feeder with new seed.  There was a small number of birds that came the next day.  The wire that held the hanging feeder broke from being rusted out  and I had to wait until a neighbor put up a new wire for me as one end had to be tied to a rather tall pole that required someone to be toward the top of the step ladder to connect it.  I have instructions to stay off ladders now so waited until Tony was available.  I finally got it up and the birds started coming.  Only problem was that I could not see it from my comfortable chair.  Later I did put up the ladder and from the second step I could put the feeder closer to the left where I can see it now.  In just the last two or three days the birds have really found it and provide a lot of entertainment for us.


One Response to “They are back”

  1. Colleen Says:

    I’m glad you got them some fresh seed! Have fun watching.

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