Now it is Over

Halloween is now behind us for this year and our candy supply was exhausted about the same time we were.  Somewhere around 130 kids and a few teenagers came to our door.  The Cave next door drew far more participants  and several times when I looked over there I observed lines of people waiting in line to experience the surprises to greet them in the Cave.  I suspect a good share of them came here before or after their scary time over there.  All told it was quite a night and the following day the Cave was disassembled and stored away for another time.

Oh to be young enough to go to all that trouble and expense for one night.  But then again I think one time around is enough.

I spent quite a bit of time and effort cutting away the growth of a very large bush that was encroaching on our house.  We stop the termites at ground level but I don’t want them coming in through the roof.  I still have to do more to insure that the summer growth does not invade us before we come back next fall.


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