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Barrel Puzzle

June 29, 2011

There is a Japanese wood crafter that has created a wooden barrel of about a dozen pieces that when properly assembled forms a barrel.  Obviously his intent was mental torture.  In days past (many days past) there was a time that I could assemble it with relative ease.  However when about a month ago I wanted to show it to a guest it was in pieces.  I or someone else had disassembled it and could not get it back together.  Now for about a month I have been working on it at odd moments (sometimes hours) and only today after about two hours of work I did get it back together.  I must admire the craftsman who dreamed up the idea and the craftsman who actually built it.  The photo below is proof of my work.


Tulip Tree

June 12, 2011

On our walk this evening we passed by a large tree that we have passed many times and did not realize that at a certain time it produced a beautiful flower.  I clipped of a short twig with a flower and a few leaves.  We put it in a dish and set it up on our sink.